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Mr John Skillen

Welcome to John Skillen's Self Defence Website


John Skillen is a renowned Martial Arts, Self Defence and Self Protection expert that has trained extensively with a host of other world class instructors.

His experience's whilst working the door in the early eighties have placed him as one of the leading instructors of self protection in the UK.

His reputation was the stuff of legend, and now he is ready to pass those skills on to help you protect yourself in 2011 and beyond.

John Skillen is a guiding light in the world of self-protection and doesn't rest on his laurels - he continues to study unarmed close combat. He says; "learning about violence has helped him understand and get inside the mind of the attacker."

John wishes to pass on his knowledge and skills to you and give people of all ages gender and lifestyles the skills to protect themselves.

John regularly holds seminars at his own gym, as well as inviting the UK's best instructors and Martial Artists along to conduct their seminar program.

John Skillen

Seminars and Workshops
Self protection seminars for corporate and individual customers. More details.

Self Defence Questions?
Ask John or any of the experts on the forum.

Video Instruction
A library of video footage available for online preview or DVD purchase.

Fitness Centre
The John Skillen Martial Arts and Fitness Centre Loughborough. Click here to book Self Defence at John's Fitness Centre.

Latest News

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Street Effective Seminars
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Events Diary

John Skillen  Sun 7th April
Open handed pre- emptive strikes for self defence


John Skillen  sun 3rd March
Pure powerslap


John Skillen  sun 10th feb
No Gi throws for self defence